Our history

A creative approach to the cutting edge of computing and technology mean that our team of innovative and seasoned professionals truly stand out from the crowd. Originally founded in 2007, Blue Lobster has firmly established itself as a respected SME in the scientific and software development arena, working on projects around the UK and across Europe. We've won a few awards over the last few years including the 'Business Link Business Start up Award' and the 'Innovation & Skills Engaging Education Award'.

Our leadership

Kathryn Keeble

Kathryn Keeble PhD

Kathryn has a PhD in marine ecology and considerable experience in marine ecosystem and oceanographic sciences. Kathryn has significant technical and analytical ability and a keen interest in outreach and dissemination. She has worked on several high profile projects including the International Polar Year, the European Marine Ecosystem Observatory and has a key roles in outreach for the Joint European Research Infrastructure for Coastal Observatories (JERICO-NEXT), Fixed-Point Open Ocean Observatories (FIXO3) and AtlantOS projects.

In her spare time, Kathryn is a fanatical scuba diver and enjoys mountain biking and climbing.

Simon Keeble

Simon Keeble

Simon brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the Blue Lobster team, having spent more than 25 years working within IT, with a strong background in physics and mathematics. Simon strives to manage the Blue Lobster team with drive, vision and commitment drawing on his experience in Software Engineering, Analysis and Project Management. He has managed a large number of projects in the commercial sector and is a Work Package Leader in several EU H2020 and FP7 projects.

In his spare time, Simon is also a fanatical scuba diver / instructor and outdoor enthusiast.