Web & Mobile Technology

Web and Mobile TechnologyBrochure style websites through to large enterprise solutions. Web Design, Content Management & E-commerce Systems. Mobile software development for iPhone / iPad and Android.

Able to develop in most mainstream languages and highly experienced in the use of all the mainstream development methodologies. Custom software built entirely by us, or supporting in-house development teams. PRINCE2 Practitioner Qualified Project Management, Complex Data Analysis and Consultancy. Our in-house Quality Control processes also ensure that all software is developed in accordance with latest industry standards, ensuring high quality custom solutions.

Bespoke Application Development and Project Management (PRINCE II Project Practitioners), Analysis, Design and Programming:

PHP, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, Objective-C, Python, Perl, RPG, COBOL, .NET (C# / VB), MATLAB and Fortran are just a few of the technologies we are familiar with.

Mobile software development: Mac Development, iPad App Development, iPhone App Development, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android Development. 

Graphic Design

Graphic DesignFull professional graphic design service offering everything from a small compliments slip through to full branding, advertising and digital media.

We are always fully up to date with market trends as well as occasionally pushing the boundaries of new ideas to ensure that all our graphics work is first class and works perfectly in the target sector(s). A key component of any design should be to understand the objectives of the message and the intended sector(s) and we work hard to make sure that the objectives are met in print and digital media.

Logos, Brochure Design, Advertisement Design, Website & Mobile Design, Ad Design, Banner Design, Business Cards / Compliments Slips / Letterheads, Postcards, Posters, Powerpoint, Event Graphics, Signage, Magazine Layout etc.



Marine Science & Technology

Marine Science and TechnologyExtensive experience and expertise in design and development of Software and Strategies for Outreach, Policy and Knowledge in the Marine Science and Technology Sectors. Working at the cutting edge of software development, we have a large portfolio of unique software solutions that:

  • Integrate new and existing datasets from a large variety of In Situ and Remote Sensing marine monitoring sensors and platforms from both National and International coastal and ocean observatories.
  • Share data and information between a variety of marine industries and monitoring organisations to support an integrated approach to marine ecosystem management.
  • Engage recreational marine users in data and knowledge collection and dissemination for effective Citizen Science strategies.
  • Streamline marine environmental assessments that meet both UK and European policy requirements including the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the Marine Bill and OSPAR.
  • Deliver policy-specific information products including maps, time series graphs and indicators of marine environment status “on the fly”.
  • Comply with National and International data standards, policies and strategies including the INSPIRE Directive, Data Protection Act and the standards defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGS).

We have been a key partner in several high profile National and European projects including FP7 and have been awarded and delivered on a large and varied range of UK Government and European contracts 

GIS Applications

GIS applicationsDevelopment of GIS applications. Analysis of spatially resolved data. Visualising data spatially through the use of desktop applications and web based technologies.

Development of GIS applications for both web and desktop use for visualising and analysing data spatially. Significant experience in the development of advanced mapping tools and carrying out spatial data analysis in environmental and social sciences.

Offering leading edge GIS solutions utilising existing Open Source and commercially available technologies, or extending our own in-house developed GIS platforms for integration into other products. Benefit from our experience in GIS databases, data format conversions and presentation.

Extensive experience in development and use of PostgreSQL / PostGIS, OpenLayers, Google Earth / maps, GeoServer, ArcGIS and EcoSpace applications and georeferenced data formats including KML, Shapefiles, NetCDF and GeoTiFFs. 

Data Services

Data ServicesData analysis, dissemination and presentation. Format conversion, processing and hosting. Database technologies, mashups and Big Data.

Experts at working with large and complex datasets, large scale processing and data conversions.

Experienced in a wide range of data formats, standards and database technologies, including spatial databases, document databases, columnar databases and graph databases. Management of Big Data, through the use of Hadoop / MapReduce and other technologies, for the integration of new and existing disparate datasets. Automation of large scale data processing and presenting of data products for end users.

Outreach and Education

Outreach and EducationProducing engaging graphic and web designs for the European Commission, National Government, Schools, Policy Makers and diverse range of Industry sectors.

Award winners in Outreach and Engaging Education!

Design and development of effective outreach products and strategies, engaging with diverse user groups and collaborating with students, public and scientists on projects.

Skilled in innovative system design and development of GIS applications and software solutions for Education, Public, Government and Industry sectors.

Experienced in producing engaging graphic and web designs for the European Commission, National Government, Schools, Policy Makers and diverse range of Industry sectors.

Track record of delivering successful marketing campaigns for specific outreach projects through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn to name a few!) and Email Marketing.  

Ecosystem Modelling

Data discovery and collation, cleaning, analysis, calibration, validation and complex Ecosystem and Fisheries Modelling. Experts in Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE).

Experienced in sourcing and preparation of large datasets for complex physical and biogeochemical models.

Good working knowledge of handling large model output files.

Developers of tools for converting model outputs into formats compatible with other web and platform dependent applications for visualisation, presentation and analysis.

Experts in fisheries modelling using Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE). Experienced in sourcing and preparing data for the Ecopath suite, aggregating groups, estimating uncertainty, time series fitting and analysing results.